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Top 10 Moving Tips for Mom & Dad

Mary Dilly, from Downsizing Solutions, offers these 10 thoughtful tips for caregivers helping an elderly loved one prepare for a move.
1. Plan Ahead

It is essential to allow your loved one time to acclimate to the move. It will only add stress for everyone if they are rushed.

2. Be nice

Their point of view is completely different from yours. Let them still have control over the situation. Listen and smile while guiding them toward the goal

3. Honour their Collections with Pictures

If Dad spent a lifetime collecting beer steins, channel your inner artistic talent and artfully arrange the glasses to take a photo. Pictures will help them take memories with them to the new location.

4. Show them the Vision

Change is hard, especially for seniors. If they have a visual layout of how their old belongings may fit nicely in a new space, it can ease the transition.

5. Go slow  

Remember, their minds and bodies are slower than they used to be.

6. Communicate

They need to feel like it is their choice, and you are not taking over. Make sure you tell them what is happening during every step of the moving process.

7. Give them tasks

Involve them in the process. Even if it's wrapping items, or making small decisions, these tasks will keep your loved one busy and feeling engaged in the process.

8. Start small  

Find a room or area with the least sentimental value, such as a bathroom, to begin packing.It goes faster and gives a sense of accomplishment.

9. Give them Space

Listen when they want to revisit memories, even if it takes a while. Let them deal with the emotions of loss and change. Encourage them, and let them know you care.

10. Hire a professional Move Manager

Caregivers may find it is emotionally and physically challenging to take on the entire packing/moving project themselves. A compassionate move manager can help a little or a lot, leaving you more quality time with your Loved One.


Mary Dilly

The process of downsizing to a smaller home or clearing a loved one's items after a death can be daunting and emotional. ​ It can be a stressful challenge for both parents and their children. Mary and Pat take care of the logistics, while respecting each individual situation.