We Know How It Feels

We know what it feels like to lose a mom or a dad.  We know how  hard it is to leave the family home after 25 years.  We know how overwhelming it can be sorting through boxes, deciding what to donate, purge, sell or keep.  How about all the costs?  Can we afford it?  How do we convert what we have into cash - that can give us the best life moving forward.  What are the options? Semi-assisted vs full assisted living vs an apartment vs a condo.  You have questions, we have answers.  You need help, we love to help.

Our Story:
How We Became The Transition Network

We created The Transition Network with a simple vision; to become the one-stop comprehensive resource that families, retirement homes and seniors could turn to for help through the downsizing and transition process.

We are Realtors, Financial Planners, Move Managers, Contractors, Lawyers and Age in Place Specialists...but more important we are friends, helpers, confidants and REAL people who have dedicated our careers to adding value to the lives of Seniors.  

As like minded people, we are passionate about helping families - families who need to make difficult decisions and navigate change. We would be honoured to help you & your family.

How we Help

Declutter & Downsize

We help our clients through a process that's often as much about sorting through a lifetime's worth of memories as it is about possessions. We pack what to take, what to leave and how to redirect it. We can arrange for consignment, donations, gifts and even garage sales.

Move Management

Moving day and the weeks before are often filled with stress and anxiety. Move managers organize the 101 little things from calling movers, packing the fridge, setting up utilities, to getting you settled into your new surroundings. We make your new home FEEL like home.

Prepare & Sell

Our Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) understand the unique needs of seniors and do so much more than just real estate! We coordinate every aspect of your sale including packing, decluttering, repairs, staging and selling. We're also knowledgeable about senior living options.

Aging In Place

Sometimes the transition is not so obvious.  Age creeps up on us, or maybe after a fall, that step into the sunken living room becomes hard.  We have contractors that can help transform your place to make it more comfortable and safe.

Retirement Planning

Whether you are downsizing, moving to assisted care, or just retiring, we will help you create a budget & plan from which to live, while still leaving a legacy. We also help with navigating a Power of Attorney sale or a Sale Through Probate.

Estate Closure

When a loved one passes away, the task of clearing their home and settling the estate can seem unbearable. Our empathetic team provides a listening ear when you need it most…and professional, knowledgeable, efficient service to help preserve your family’s legacy.

Our network has helped a lot of people.  Read their stories and see for yourself.