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Planning for Financial Freedom

Retirement Planning

​There are so many situations when a good financial plan makes a world of difference.  Feeling prepared and knowing where you stand financially helps you feel at ease and makes it easier to make tough decisions.  Whether your dream is to retire and buy the little house down by the lake or be able to afford the nicer place for your mom, feeling financially secure makes everything easier.

"Mom always told me to save for a rainy day... but we never really talked about retirement."

At the Transition Network, our Financial Planners take a holistic and comprehensive approach to Retirement planning.  They will help create a plan that will adapt and evolve along with your life. We’ll work closely together to deliver a Living Plan that is specific to you. Our solutions are well suited for individuals and/or families who value a disciplined and proven approach to wealth management.

retirement planning
  • Review your portfolio and outline your financial position as it stands, and how you are tracking towards your retirement goals.
  • We optimize your financial plan - going beyond RRSPs to consider your entire financial life, to forecast your monthly income in retirement.
  • We design and actively manage an investment portfolio that’s right for you.
estate planning
  • Creating solutions that help maximize your estate’s value, while helping to ensure your beneficiaries will receive everything you’ve planned for them.
  • We can help you understand how the decisions you make today impact the value of your estate.
  • Examine the liquidity of your estate and determine if there is enough cash to pay expenses and taxes from the assets that you have. This includes a review of life insurance and disability income insurance.
tax planning
  • Helping you to understand the implications of your investment decisions so you don’t pay any more tax than necessary.
  • We effectively reduce your tax bill by taking advantage of all the tax deductions and credits that you’re entitled to every year such as Income Splitting, RESPs, and RRSP contributions
  • We evaluate strategies that can help you reduce or avoid the tax burden on your estate after you pass away,
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When Murray came to us, he was worried about how to pull all of his finances together for retired living. He had CPP, a pension, a small amount of RRSPs, some short-term savings and of course the anticipated equity in his home.

​Murray was overwhelmed with how to go about accessing his wealth in a way that would support his desired life-style but still leave a nest egg for his family. Murray's situation isn't uncommon. Like Murray, several seniors have done all the right things in preparing for retirement. However, how to orchestrate a financial plan to achieve specific goals isn't easy. Murray was able to access the help he needed through our network and met with a planner close by. We were thrilled to help Murray change his retirement story to one of hope & excitement. ​