Our Move Managers move you and get you settled

Move Management

Everyone hires a Moving Truck and Movers on moving day but really smart people hire a Move Manager to orchestrate all the details. While anyone can use a Move Manager, we are most often recommended when a Senior is moving to a retirement home or assisted living community.  In most cases, seniors are placed on a waiting list for a suite to become available. Timing is always unpredictable and often times seniors must act swiftly to secure their spot, which means moving as soon as possible and selling their home. To downsize on such short notice is difficult and stressful. Our Senior Move Managers can help with some or all of the details whether it be packing, coordinating moving day or getting settled in the new home. We are here to help.

"Every situation is different dealing with a senior, but they're all the same in that you're giving back to someone who typically has given a lot to society - and now it's their time to be looked after"
Pre-Move Planning & Packing
  • We obtain layouts or provide detailed drawings of your new home
  •  We create a floor plan of your new residence to determine which pieces of furniture will fit.
  • We measure your furniture to make sure it will fit!
  • We work with you to sort through closets, attics and garages.
  • We help you identify the things you love and need to take with you
  • We carefully pack, label and prepare for your move
  • We help you dispose of unneeded items through sale, auction or charitable donation
  • We arrange for movers or work with a mover of your choice
  • We coordinate with building management and book the elevator if required
  • We forward your mail and magazine subscriptions
  • We notify the utility companies and make the required changes to service
  • We arrange for shipping your belongings to family members
  • We refer painters, electricians, contractors, professional cleaning services, real estate agents and attorneys who specialize in working with seniors
  • We manage the coordination to clean, update and/or fix your home to get it ready for sale
Moving Day & Getting Settled
  • While the mover is loading the truck, we clean your old home so it sparkles
  • We empty your refrigerator and freezer and transport your perishables to their new location.
  • On moving day, we will be there to tell the movers where to place your furniture
  • We unpack your boxes
  • We plug in phones and set the clocks
  • We put away your toiletries and set up the bathroom
  • We hang your clothes and ensure your dressers are the way you remember them
  • We organize your kitchen cupboards, pantry and restock the fridge
  • We hang your art collection and install your curtains
  • We set-up your wi-fi, printer and computer system.
  • We connect your stereo and television sets
  • We unpack books and cherished collections.
  •  We even make the bed!
  • We play music, make tea and ensure your move is stress-free

We love working with the Realtors at Bradbury Estate Realty. Their Realtors truly appreciate the stresses of moving and often hire and work along side our team to help the family downsize, declutter and move prior to listng the home . Their Giveback program often pays for our services directly. We would be happy to arrange an introduction if you don't have a Realtor of your own.

The Bradbury GiveBack™

When we got a call from our one of our local retirement homes is was about our lovely client, Joan. Her story wasn't unlike a lot of seniors on waiting lists for a suite to become available. Her suite was ready, but she wasn't and to make matters more difficult her daughter was away on a month long honeymoon and couldn't be there! We sprang into action. We obtained layouts of her new suite, measured Joan's furniture and helped her decide which furniture would fit in her new place. We quickly arranged movers, packed what she needed & got her settled into her new home. An insurmountable situation became a day of celebration for this wonderful client. Her story was changed.